Wedding Transportation Checklist


The transportation for your wedding is one of the most important, and most visible, aspects of wedding planning.

Whether the transportation for your wedding consists of a carriage pulled by four white horses, a stretch limousine or just the family car, a wedding transportation checklist can be a big help.

Creating a wedding transportation checklist makes a lot of sense, particularly for large or formal weddings. Large, formal weddings have greater transportation needs than smaller, simpler ones, so it can be important to create a detailed wedding transportation checklist.

What To Include In Your Checklist?

The wedding transportation checklist should contain a number of elements, including the type of transportation, the guest or guests who will use it, the date it must be reserved, the deposit required and the company from which the transportation will be acquired.

Of course there may be additional elements to your own wedding transportation checklist, so this is just a basic guideline.

For instance, your wedding transportation checklist can help you keep track of the transportation that will be required for the bride and groom, the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom, etc.

Keeping track of all these various cars and limousines can be difficult, but a wedding transportation checklist can make it a little easier.

Keeping Your Wedding Transportation Organized

A wedding transportation checklist can be particularly important, especially since the companies that provide transportation for weddings tend to have very firm reservation dates.

If your limos are not reserved by a certain date, you risk losing out on them to someone else. A wedding transportation checklist will help you avoid this unpleasant outcome.

Prepare Your Checklist In Advance

As with other aspects of wedding planning, it is important that the wedding transportation checklist be prepared far in advance.

Having your wedding transportation checklist prepared before you need it will help you negotiate with the various rental and wedding transportation companies when the time comes.

Knowing what you need, when you need it and who you need it for will allow you to create a wedding transportation checklist that is complete and useful.

For A printable copy of the  Wedding Transportation Checklist click here.

Wedding Transportation Checklist

The Transportation

Choose The Type Of Transportation You Want For Your Wedding Day.


Horse Carriage.

Vintage Vehicle.

Helicopter Rides.

Balloon Rides.

Escalade Limousine.

Hummer Limousine.

Mini Bus Rides.

Tram Rides.


Get References.

Choose A Transportation Company.



Contact Person:

Total Cost:

Sign Agreement Contract (Learn About The Refund Policy)

Pay The Retention Deposit

Let The Transportation Company Know The Date, Time, And Location Of The Wedding And The Reception.

Let The Transportation Company Know About Any Types Of Restrictions That Are Related To Parking At The Wedding And Reception Hall.

Specify An Arrival And Departure Time.

Pay Your Balance Due.



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