Making Wedding Punch

Making the Wedding punch is a really fun thing about planning a baby shower

Making the wedding punch is a really fun thing about planning a wedding.  The punch that you make should be tasty and delicious.

When you make the punch you can get the future bride and groom involved. 

You can make several examples of different punch and you can have the bride and groom to taste the punch so that she can pick the one that they likes the best for the wedding.

It is also a good idea to have a diet punch for the guest that would like a low calorie punch.

Things To Consider When Planning The Perfect Punch

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding that the smaller touches, things like the perfect wedding punch, can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

That would be a shame, though, because the wedding punch can be a focal point of the wedding table and a chance for the bride and groom to express their creativity and style.

The Greatest Punch For Your Wedding

There are so many different recipes for wedding punch, both alcoholic and alcohol free, that it can be difficult to find the wedding punch that is right for you.

Unless you already have the perfect family recipe for wedding punch, it may be necessary to do some experimentation on your own.

Why not gather together with some close friends and try out several different recipes for wedding punch? Not only will you enjoy a fun evening with friends, but you just may stumble on the recipe for the world’s greatest wedding punch.

Sources For Punch Ideas

Of course the many wedding planning guides and bridal magazines are also a great source of ideas for some wonderful wedding punch.

There are many recipes in these magazines and books, as well as on the internet. An internet search for wedding punch will likely present you with hundreds of different recipes for wedding punch.

Coming Up With A Good Way To Present Your Wedding Punch

Of course as any chef can tell you, good presentation is essential to any event, and wedding punch is certainly no exception.

While it is obvious that a beautiful lead crystal punch bowl will enhance your wedding punch, there are other ways to make that wedding punch special as well. For instance, many couples like to create special glasses for their wedding punch.

These glasses can be engraved with the date of the wedding and the name of the bride and groom, then presented as wedding favors to the guests.

Using these special glasses for wedding punch can provide your guests with a wonderful memento as well as a great glass of punch.

It may take some time and some effort to find the perfect wedding punch, but all that hard work and planning will pay off handsomely in the enjoyment of your honored guests.

Be sure to check out the many recipes for wedding punch until you find the perfect one for your own special day.

Wedding Punch Recipe

4 liters of Sprite® or ginger ale

1 gallon of rainbow sherbet or any other flavor sherbet

Wedding Punch Recipe Directions

Take half of the a gallon sherbet and put it in the punch bowl.

Add a two liter container of Sprite® to the punch bowl

Add the other half of the sherbet

Add the last two liter of Sprite® to the punch bowl

For a extra flavor you can add fruit

To make it low calorie you ca use diet soda

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