Wedding Photography Checklist


The photographs are one of the most important parts of any wedding, there to be enjoyed long after the initial excitement of the wedding is gone.

It is important to not leave this vital element of wedding planning to chance, and a wedding photography checklist can be a big help.

Using A Sample To Create Your Own Checklist

There are many places to find a sample wedding photography checklist, including the many wedding planning guides at the local book store. You can then use a sample wedding photography checklist as a guide to create your own.

Customizing Your Checklist To Fit Your Needs

It is important to customize the sample wedding photography checklist you choose, since not all the elements that are important to you will be included in the average wedding photography checklist.

If there are additional elements not included on the wedding photography checklist you find, it is important to add them yourself.

There are many different elements to a wedding photography checklist, and each element will have different levels of importance to different couples.

What Is Usually Included In The Checklist

Just about every wedding photography checklist will include things like the formal portrait of the bride and groom, the group shot of the wedding party, and of course those great candid shots of the guests at the wedding.

What You May Want To Include In The Checklist

What you add to this basic wedding photography checklist is up to you. For instance, some couples may want to include additional shots of the banquet hall or wedding reception, or shots of the church before the wedding.

Anything that is important to you should be included on the wedding photography checklist. The photographer can then use this wedding photography checklist as a guide when planning the photography at the wedding.

It is important to give this wedding photography checklist to the photographer as early as possible. It takes time to plan the photography at a wedding, and the sooner you can get everything together in a formal wedding photography checklist the better off you will be.

For A printable copy of the  Wedding Photography Checklist click here.

Wedding Photography Checklist

The Photos

Get References.

Choose A Photographer.



Contact Person.

Company Name.

Album Packages.

Total Cost.

Sign Agreement Contract (Learn About The Refund Policy).

Pay The Retention Deposit.

Let The Photographer Know The Date, Time, And Location Of The Wedding And The Reception.

Schedule The Engagement Pictures.

Schedule The Bridal Pictures.

Schedule Your Hair, Makeup And Nail Appointments For The Bridal Pictures.

Let The Photographer Know About Any Restrictions That Are Related To Photographers At The Wedding And Reception Hall.

Let The Photographer Know The Order Of The Ceremony.

Specify An Arrival And Departure Time.

Decide If You Are Going To Have Formal Or Informal Pictures Before Or After The Wedding.

Create A List Of The Photos You Want To Take At The Wedding. And The Reception. Give This List To The Photographer.

Pay Your Balance Due.



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