Wedding Invitations Checklist

Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting time, but it can be a stressful time as well.

Creating detailed checklists is one way to take control of the chaos that can accompany wedding planning, and one of the most important of these is the wedding invitations checklist.

After all, without invitations, how will your family members and friends know when and where to show up for the big day?

Your Invitation Checklist Will Help You Organize

The wedding invitation checklist is a great way to take control of the process of ordering, receiving, addressing and mailing the wedding invitations.

The wedding invitations checklist can also be used as a checklist of what you want the wedding invitations to contain.

For instance, many couples will want to include personal touches, such as a small photograph, a poem, or a line of scripture on their invitations. If you want your wedding invitations to contain such special touches, be sure to note them in the wedding invitations checklist.

Your Checklist Can Be A Big Help To The Printer

Creating such a wedding invitations checklist can be a big help to the printer who creates your wedding invitations as well. Having a wedding invitations checklist will be a big help to any printer, especially if your wedding invitations contain lots of special touches like the ones mentioned above.

You can also create a wedding invitations checklist that will help you keep track of when each application is addressed, mailed and responded to.

Using such a wedding invitations checklist to keep track of RSVP’s is very important when planning a large wedding with a large number of guests.

The Importance Of Your Invitation Checklist Will Become Apparent With Other Things...

The importance of such a wedding invitations checklist will quickly become apparent as you get further into your wedding planning.

For instance, your wedding invitations checklist will come in handy when you order the food, since you will have an accurate count of how many people plan to attend.

The number of guests determined by your wedding invitations checklist will also be important when renting the reception hall and buying favors for your wedding guests.

For A printable copy of the  Wedding Invitations Checklist click here.

Wedding Invitations Checklist

The Invitations

Set The Date Of The Wedding And The Reception

Decide If Your Wedding Will Be Formal Or Informal

Determine How Many Guest To Invite

Will Your Invitations Be Engraved, Printed Or Done On Your Computer

Select Your Invitations And Announcements

Order Your Invitations 6 To 9 Months Before The Wedding Day

Order 25 Extra Invitations (Just In Case You Need Them)

Mail Your Formal Invitations 6 To 8 Weeks Before The Wedding Day

Mail Your Informal Invitations 2 Weeks Before The Wedding Day

List Your Guest Names

List The Children Names On The Invitations If They Are Invited

People Over 18 Years Old Should Receive Their Own Invitations

The Invitations Should Be Written In Blue Or Black Ink.  Both The Envelopes Should Be Written In The Same Ink With The Same Hand Writing.



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