Wedding Invitation Verses

When it comes to writing wedding invitation verses text that you are going to put in your wedding invitations you can use the

Wedding invitation verses can provide the special and personalized touch to create the perfect memory for your cherished wedding guests.

Wedding invitations are an important part of planning any wedding, and including some carefully selected invitation verses can provide the perfect touch for the big day.

Use Your Life To Find Verses

When looking for wedding invitation verses, most couples need look no further than their own lives. Many invitation verses are pulled directly from a favorite poem, a favorite song or just a great memory the couple shares.

You Can Write Personalized Wedding Verses

Just like the personalized vows many couples choose to write, wedding invitation verses create a special touch. And just like those personalized vows, wedding invitation verses are as personal as you are.

As long as the wedding invitation verses you choose have special meaning for yourself and your fiancé, then they are the perfect special verses for you.

Give The Printer Plenty Of Time To Print Your Invitations

When choosing to include wedding invitation verses in the wedding invitations, it is important to allow the printer you choose the extra lead time they may need to print these personalized invitations.

Before placing the order, it is a good idea to find out exactly how long they will need to print and mail the applications.


Let The Print Shop Know About Any Special Touches

Be sure to let the print shop know about any personal touches you need to add to the standard invitations. Things like photographs, special clip art and of course wedding invitation verses will typically mean that more time for printing will be required.

Even though invitations with wedding invitation verses included will take more time to print, you will probably feel that the extra time will be well worth it.

When your honored guests see the wonderful wedding invitation verses you have chosen, they will know how special they are, and how special you and your fiancé are.

Wedding invitation verses add the personal touch that every wedding should have, and wedding invitation verses provide an extra special meaning for everyone involved in the wedding.

Whether you choose a favorite song, a poem you love, or another important memento, wedding invitation verses are one of the very best ways to make a special day even more special.

Wedding Invitation Verses Traditional Wedding Invitation


Mrs. Jane Jones
Mr. John Jones
Request the pleasure or your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Ann Nicole
Mr. Michael Joseph Peterson
Saturday the twenty sixth of June
Two Thousand and Four
at two o'clock
First Baptist Church
921 Southwest Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri

Reception immediately following the ceremony


In your traditional invitation you usually put the parents name or the person that raise the bride to be. That person or persons will then request that the invited guest to come to the ceremony.

You then list the bride to be and the groom to be names.
Her name is usually list in the form of her first name and her middle name.

His name is usually listed entirety.

You will list the date of the wedding and also the location of the church.

You will then list when the reception is going to be heard.

Wedding Invitation Verses Non Traditional Wedding Invitations

Front Cover


Please join
in the celebration
of the marriages of

Shauna Ann Cook
Keith John Koett


Inside On the front


On our wedding day
a new life has its start
We'll share with each other
one love, One dream
and one heart


Inside On the Main page


August 23rd, 2002
7 pm

Northside Baptist Church
9600 Goodfellow Ave.
St. Louis, MO

to 314-555-5555

Reception immediately
following ceremony.



The fun thing about picking the words for your wedding invitation verses wedding invitations is that you can use words that have a special  meaning to you and your fiancé.

You can use a poem that he has written to you...

You can use a small part of his first love letter to you...

You can write it from scratch...

7 Reports that can help you plan the perfect wedding...

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