Wedding Flowers Checklist


Anyone who has planned a wedding recently will tell you how difficult, and expensive it can be. There are many things to be done and many things to be purchased.

It is important to be very organized while planning a wedding in order to make sure it all gets done on time.

Creating A Wedding Flower Checklist

One thing that is a big help is creating a wedding flowers checklist. The flowers are one of the most important elements of any wedding celebration, and a wedding flowers checklist can show you at a glance what has already been done, and what still remains to be done.

Creating a wedding flowers checklist is relatively easy, but it still pays to plan ahead. Many florists run short of popular wedding flowers in the summer months, so it is important to start your wedding flowers checklist as early as possible to make sure that the flowers you want will be available.

Listing the Flowers That You Must Have At Your Wedding

A good way to start a wedding flowers checklist is to make a list of the flowers you absolutely must have.

These may be your favorite flowers, or flowers whose colors match the color of your bridesmaid gowns or wedding dress. These should be at the top of your wedding flowers checklist.

Further down the wedding flowers checklist can be those flowers that would be nice to have but not essential.

When choosing those flowers for your wedding flowers checklist, take things like the decorations of the hall into account. Matching the colors of the wedding and reception hall to the flowers, or using complimentary colors, can create a stunning environment for any wedding.

Of course, the wedding flowers checklist should also include the vases, bowls and other decorative elements that will highlight and enhance the flowers on your wedding flowers checklist.

Other Items To Add to Your Flower Checklist

If there are must have items, such as crystal vases or heirloom pieces, make sure that they are featured prominently on the wedding flowers checklist.

The wedding flowers checklist can be a big help for the florist as well as the person planning the wedding.

Having a detailed wedding flowers checklist will help the florist order the right flowers, in the right amounts, at the right time. There are many reasons to have such a wedding flowers checklist.

For A printable copy of the  Wedding Flowers Checklist click here.

Wedding Flowers Checklist

The Bouquets


Bride’s Throw Away

Maid / Matron of Honor

Bridesmaids #________

Flower girl Basket


The Boutonnieres


Best man

Groomsmen #________

Ring Bearer

Bride’s Father

Groom’s Father

Grandfathers #________


The Corsages

Bride’s Mother

Groom’s Mother

Grandmothers #________


The Ceremony

Main Alter




The Reception

Head Table

Guest Table #________

Gift Table

Buffet Table


Cake Table


The Rehearsal Dinner

Head Table

Guest Tables # ________


The Hair



The Thank You Bouquets

Bride’s Parents

Groom’s Parents

Out of town guest



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