Wedding Flower Stands

Wedding Flower Stands

winnie the pooh baby showerWedding flowers and wedding flower stands should be an integral part of planning for your wedding day.

While you’re shopping for the perfect wedding dress, the perfect bridesmaid gowns and just the right caterer, don’t overlook the importance of your wedding flowers and flower stands.

Finding the perfect wedding flowers and the perfect flower stand on which to display those perfect flowers is one of the most important decisions faced by any wedding planner.

Whether you are using the services of a professional wedding planner or planning your wedding on your own, you will want to make sure you choose flowers that set the proper tone for your wedding.

Be Prepared For Your Florist Consultation

When consulting with your local florist about your wedding flowers and wedding flower stands, it is important to provide as much information as possible. Be prepared for your initial consultation with photographs or your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

If you can bring a sample of the lace used on your wedding gown and a swatch of color from the bridesmaid dresses, this will be a big help to the florist when ordering your wedding flowers.

Also bring pictures or photographs of what you have in mind for your wedding flowers and wedding flower stand. You can often find great ideas in wedding and bridal magazines.

Your wedding flower provider can offer some great, creative suggestions to make your wedding flowers extra special. You want your wedding flowers to create a spectacular, memorable impact on your wedding guests.

At the same time, your wedding flowers are part of the overall “picture” you want your wedding to create.

Give Your Florist Plenty Of Time

Whatever types of wedding flowers you choose make sure you give your florist plenty of notice when making your wedding plans. You should start planning your wedding flowers at the same time you start shopping for your dress, looking for a caterer and finding a reception hall.

Remember that wedding flower florists have their busy times like everyone else. A wedding florist can only accept so many orders for a given day, so plan early to make sure your special day is available.

You should provide a minimum of three months notice to ensure your wedding flowers and wedding flower stand is available.

If your wedding is planned for the traditionally busy summer wedding season, or if it falls on a busy holiday weekend, you should provide at least six months notice. In some cases, you may want to plan up to a year in advance. A little advance planning now will pay off on your wedding day.

Set A Realistic Budget

It is important to set a realistic budget for your wedding flowers and wedding flower stand. Discuss your budget with the florist on your initial consultation.

This will allow the florist to suggest the specific types of wedding flowers and wedding flower stands that will work within your budget. There are many ways to stretch your budget when it comes to wedding flowers and wedding flower stands.

For instance, there is no reason the same flowers cannot be used for both the wedding itself and the reception. For instance, the bride’s bouquet can be used as the head table centerpiece at the reception.

Adding beautiful wedding flower stands can transform the bride’s bouquet to the perfect head table decoration and the bridesmaid’s bouquets into side table decorations.

In addition, the beautiful wedding flowers that flanked the altar at your wedding can decorate the table housing your beautiful wedding cake.

All it takes is the addition of several lovely wedding flower stands. Your professional wedding florist can help you with these ideas and many more.

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