Wedding Flower Prices

Wedding Flower Prices

winnie the pooh baby showerWedding flower prices are an integral part of any wedding planning.

You know from the weddings that you’ve attended just how important the flowers are to the overall look and feel of both the church and the reception hall.

When planning your wedding budget, don’t overlook the importance of the flowers. Flower prices will vary from market to market and to a lesser extent from florist to florist.

Of course, flower prices will also change with the type and color of wedding flowers you choose.

Shop Around At Several Different Florist

Because of this variability in wedding flower prices, it is important to not only start you’re shopping early, but to shop around at several different florists as well.

Wedding flower prices do vary from florist to florist. Shopping around at several different florists in your area can not only provide you with a good overview of what each one offers, but can save you quite a bit of money as well.

Your Wedding Consultant Can Help

It is a good idea to have a consultation with at least two or three wedding florists. Make sure you are prepared for the consultation.

Bring color swatches or fabric samples from both your wedding gown and your bridesmaid dresses.

Bring along pictures or photographs or floral displays you like. You probably already have an idea of what you want your wedding flowers to look like, but the professional florist can help you sort out ideas and design a wedding flower display that is truly spectacular.

Give Your Florist A Realistic Budget For Your Flowers

Make sure you give each wedding florist a realistic estimate of the budget you have for wedding flowers. Giving the florist a realistic budget up front will allow them to give you the best idea of what can be done within your price range.

Your wedding florist will have an excellent sense of wedding flower prices, and he or she will be able to help you design a beautiful display of wedding flowers and still come in under your budget.

Give Your Florist Enough Time To Prepare Your Flowers

It is also important to shop early when it comes to wedding flowers. As with all wedding related businesses, wedding florists are busiest in the summer months.

If your wedding falls during this busy season, it is vital that you begin planning your wedding flower purchase anywhere from six months to even a year or more in advance.

Even if your wedding falls during a less busy period, it is still a good idea to give at least three months notice to the florist.

This advance notice will allow the professional floral designer to obtain just the type of flowers you want for your big day, in just the right colors and just the right amounts.

Wedding flower prices can be somewhat seasonal in nature as well, so it is a good idea to shop early so you can get a sense of wedding flower prices for your wedding date.

Wedding flowers are vital to making your wedding day truly special and unique. The right wedding flower display can transform any space into a magical wonderland and make both the church and reception hall look truly wonderful.

Some advance planning and a good working knowledge of wedding flower prices will go a long way toward getting the perfect flowers for your wedding day.

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