Wedding Day Checklist


Those who have never planned a wedding before are often surprised at how much work it is, and how many things have to come together for the wedding to be memorable and successful.

Creating A Detailed Checklist

Creating a detailed wedding day checklist is very important to the success of any wedding.

Some of the items that will go on that wedding day checklist are obvious. Obviously things like the flowers at the church, the flowers at the reception hall, the wedding cake, the food and the decorations will be part of your wedding day checklist.

There are probably additional things that you can add to your own wedding day checklist.

It Is Easier Then You Think To Create Your Checklist

Creating a wedding day checklist may be easier than you think. There are lots of wedding planning guides on the market, and these guides can be great help in creating a wedding day checklist.

Customizing Your Checklist

Of course you will need to customize your wedding day checklist for your own needs, since every wedding is different.

That will mean that some things on the sample wedding day checklist you use will not be needed, while some things that are vital to your wedding may not be included on your sample wedding day checklist.

While the sample wedding day checklist that you can find on the internet or in wedding planning guides are good tools, it is always a good idea to customize and create your own wedding day checklist.

Create Your Wedding Day Checklist Well In Advance Of The Big Day

Of course you will want to create your wedding day checklist well in advance of the big day.

As with all aspects of planning a successful wedding, it is important that the wedding day checklist be checked and double checked, and that it be created in plenty of time.

As each item is taken care of, be sure to cross it off your wedding day checklist. Hopefully, by the time the big day arrives your wedding day checklist will simply consist of showing up at the church and saying “I Do”.

For A printable copy of the  Wedding Day Checklist

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Wedding Day Checklist

Wedding Day

Eat a healthy Breakfast.


Go to the hair stylist.

Get your nails done.

Have your makeup done.

Maid of honor arrives.

Bridesmaids arrive.


Photographer arrives.

Videographer arrives.

Bring a change of clothes for the honeymoon.

Give marriage license to the officiant.

Give wedding rings to best man and maid of honor.

Tip the officiant (optional)

Thank the officiant

Have someone mail the wedding announcements after the wedding.


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