Wedding Ceremony Checklist


No matter how fancy the church or elegant the reception hall, the actual wedding ceremony remains the centerpiece of every wedding.

The Checklist Can Help You Get Everything In Order Before The Big Day

A wedding ceremony checklist can help you ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, and that every element you want included is in the wedding ceremony.

A wedding ceremony checklist is particularly important for those couples planning to recite their own vows, but it is important for others as well.

Even if you plan to have your minister read standard wedding vows, a wedding ceremony checklist can help you get everything in order before the big day.

Getting Help To Create Your Checklist

If you need help creating your wedding ceremony checklist, or knowing just what it should contain, there is a lot of help available, both in the form of online wedding planning guides and books at your local library or book store.

Many wedding planning guides contain a sample wedding ceremony checklist. This sample wedding ceremony checklist can then be used to create and customize your own.

Customizing Your Ceremony Checklist

Customizing your sample wedding ceremony checklist is very important, since every wedding ceremony is different, and every couple will have different needs and desires when it comes to ceremony elements like music, vows, flowers and decorations.

If there are special touches that will make your wedding ceremony more special and meaningful, by all means include them on your wedding ceremony checklist.

The sample wedding ceremony checklist can act as a guide, but it is important that the wedding ceremony checklist you use contain the elements that mean the most to you and your fiancé.

For A printable copy of the Wedding Ceremony Checklist click here.

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Before The Wedding

Decide On A Formal Or Informal Wedding

Set The Time And Date

Reserve The Ceremony Location ( Dressing Facilities)

Choose The Person To Officiate The Wedding

Officiant Fees

Choose Attendants

Determine the type of wedding you want.

Choose Music, Musicians, Vocalist Or Soloist

Choose A Florist

Choose A Photographer

Choose A Videographer

Write Vows (Optional)

Reserve Candelabra (Optional)

Reserve Kneeler (Optional)

Reserve Aisle Runner (Optional)

Reserve Canopy (Optional)

Reserve Other Items (Optional)

Choose A Prayer And/Or Passage Reader

Schedule Rehearsal

Start looking for bridesmaids' dresses.

Choose Wishing Well Container

Choose Gift Table And Accessories

Choose Guest Book And Pen


The Ceremony

Low Music Playing

Usher Greets The Guest And Seat Them In The Front First

Traditionally The Brides Guest Are Seated On The Left And The Groom Guest Are Seated On The Right.

Today General Seating Is Allowed


The Processional

The Groom, The Best Man And The Other Attendants Enter And Stand Facing The Guest

The Grandmothers Of The Bride Are Seated By The Usher

The Grandmothers Of The Groom Are Seated By The Usher

The Mother Of The Groom Is Seated By The Usher

The Mother Of The Bride Is Seated By The Usher.

The Bridesmaids walk down The Aisle.  If You Choose The Male Attendants Can Walk With The Bridesmaids.

The Maid Of Honor Walks Down The Aisle. If You Choose The Best Man Can Walk With Her.

The Ring Bearer Walks Down The Aisle

Send your engagement announcement to the newspaper and or other media.

The Flower Girl Walks Down The Aisle

The Father Of The Bride (Special Friend) Escorts The Bride Down The Aisle


The Mariage

The Declaration Of Intent

The Songs And/Or Prayer

The Wedding Vowels

The Rings

The Marriage Is Pronounced

Lighting Of The Candles (Optional)


Present The New Couple As Mr. And Mrs. __________________.


The Recessional

The Order Of The Recessional Is The Exact Opposite Of The Processional



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