Towel Wedding Cake

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Finding the perfect towel wedding cake for your big day can be a real challenge.

Indeed, there are so many varieties, flavors, sizes and styles of towel cake available that the choices can be somewhat overwhelming.

Choosing just one towel cake from all this variety can be a daunting task.

Style And Location Of The Wedding

When choosing a towel cake, therefore, it is important to take into consideration such things as the style and location of the wedding itself.

Is it to be an elaborate and formal affair at the best country club in town?

If so, the towel cake you choose should reflect and compliment the level of elegance and sophistication of the surroundings.

Or will the wedding be a small, casual affair for a few close family and friends? Such a casual wedding might demand a simpler towel wedding cake.

Choosing The Right Cake Size

Another important consideration when ordering a towel wedding cake is the size of the cake itself. As a general rule it is best to have a towel wedding cake that is too large than one that is too small.

A too small towel cake could mean that not everyone at the reception gets a piece of wedding cake, and this would be a serious breach of wedding etiquette.

Having extra towel cake left over will also allow the bride and groom to save a piece of their wedding cake as a souvenir. Many couples enjoy this tradition, and a large towel wedding cake allows them to enjoy that tradition.

When many people think of a towel wedding cake, they picture the traditional white cake with its many tiers and layers.

In addition to that traditional towel wedding cake, however, there are a number of different flavors available, from the ordinary to the exotic.

In addition to different flavors, it is not at all unusual for a towel wedding cake to contain fillings or other special touches.

The list of alternatives for a towel wedding cake is long, and it is only limited by the imagination and budget of the wedding planner.

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