Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring Wedding Flowers

winnie the pooh baby showerIf you’ve decided your going to get spring wedding flowers, you are probably already deep into the planning of your special wedding day.

Maybe you’ve picked out the perfect handmade bridal gown.

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect color and fabric for the gowns your bridesmaids will wear.

You may have even found just the right caterer and reception hall for your special day.

But have you thought about your spring flowers. Luckily for you, spring flowers are among the most beautiful and colorful of all wedding flowers.

Spring Wedding Flowers Come In A Variety Of Choices

Spring flowers come in as many varieties as do spring flowers themselves. Among the choices for your spring flowers are such favorites as daffodils, freesia, anemone, hyacinths, tulips and buttercups, to name just a few types of spring flowers.

In addition to the sheer variety in type of flower, spring flowers are available in a dazzling array of colors as well. From the deepest red to the palest yellow and every shade in between, spring flowers come in colors to accent any wedding.

Color coordinating your spring flowers to the overall color scheme of your wedding is important to creating a unified look and feel to your wedding decorations.

You will want to use wedding flowers that compliment the other colors you have chosen for your wedding, including the colors of the bridesmaid gowns and the color of the wedding decorations.

Pastel shades are good choices for spring flowers, but you can choose any colors that appeal to you.

Using A Wedding Planner

If you are using the services of a professional wedding planner to plan your spring wedding, flowers are generally included in the services provided.

You should of course provide the wedding planner with ideas and pictures of what you would like for the floral display at your spring wedding. He or she can then come up with several concepts for you to choose from.

Doing Your Own Wedding Planning

If you are doing your own wedding planning, make sure you allow plenty of lead time for your spring flowers. You should allow at least three months for the florist you choose to make sure the flowers you want are available in the colors and quantities you prefer.

Three months is the minimum amount of planning time you should count on. It is not unusual for some wedding florists to need six months or even a year’s notice.

This is particularly important if your wedding is scheduled for a holiday weekend. Remember that the florists will likely already be busy in the spring. Wedding flowers are a seasonal business. You need to remember this fact as you do your wedding planning.

Choosing A Good Florist

Of course, your choice of florist is very important as well. Spring wedding flowers come in a wide variety of varieties and colors.

You want to make sure the florist you choose has access to all these types of spring flowers. Having a good variety to choose from is very important when choosing just the right spring wedding flowers.

You will want to see pictures of displays of spring wedding flowers that the florist has done in the past. In addition, you will want to look around the shop and see that the florist carries a good selection of spring wedding flowers. Make sure the florist is someone you are comfortable working with as well.

It is always a good idea to bring some ideas with you to the consultation with the wedding florist. Having an idea of the types of spring wedding flowers you want to use will help the florist create a unique and spectacular display of spring wedding flowers to adorn both the church and the reception hall.

In addition, providing color swatches or at least photographs of both your wedding gown and your bridesmaid dresses will help the florist find spring wedding flowers that perfectly compliment the colors of your wedding.

Above all, relax and try to have fun choosing your spring wedding flowers, and know that all your hard work and planning will pay off when your wedding guests see the beautiful display of spring wedding flowers you have prepared for them.

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