Enjoy the Unique Tradition of a Sand Ceremony Wedding

Enjoy the Unique Tradition of a Sand Ceremony Wedding


There are as many types of wedding ceremonies as there are brides and grooms to enjoy them, but the sand ceremony wedding is one of the most unique and beautiful. 


This nontraditional type of wedding ceremony has been steadily gaining in popularity with couples of all ages, and all brides and grooms could perhaps consider the beauty and symbolism inherent in the sand ceremony wedding.


Symbols Of The Joining Of Two Souls


The sand ceremony wedding is similar in some respects to the more traditional unity candle celebration, but there are some important differences as well. 


In a contemporary sand ceremony wedding the sand is used as a symbol of the joining of two souls into one unit, making it a special and unique way for the bride and groom to celebrate their love and their life.


Symbolizing Love And Unity


During the sand ceremony wedding several containers of sand, as well as a large glass container, are used. 


Those who have witnessed one of these sand ceremony weddings are often struck by the simple beauty of these fine grains of sand being combined into a single beautiful pattern, thus symbolizing the love and unity of the happy couple.


Allowing Plenty Of Time


As is the case with any type of wedding ceremony, planning a unique sand ceremony wedding can take quite a bit of time, and it is important for the bride and groom to allow plenty of time for all the details to fall into place. 

Planning a sand ceremony wedding involves all the traditional details of any wedding, including securing a venue, finding a good caterer, hiring a professional photographer and choosing a florist, in addition to the details specific to the sand ceremony wedding itself. 

It is important to allow plenty of time to secure not only the perfect venue and the most delicious food but the perfect sand vessels as well. 

These symbolic vessels will play an integral part in the sand ceremony wedding and it is important that they be as unique and special as the bride and groom themselves.


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