Wedding Video Checklist

The Video

Get References.

Choose A Videographer.



Contact Person:

Company Name:

Edit Packages:

Total Cost:

Give The Videographer Any Pictures You Want Added To Your Video.

Tell the Videographer Any Special Touches You Want Added To Your Video.

Does He/She Have A Back Up Video Camera?

What Is The Length Of The Tape Or Dvd?

What Is the Price Per Copy?

What Date will You Receive The Copy?

Sign Agreement Contract (Learn About The Refund Policy).

Pay The Retention Deposit.

Let The Videographer Know The Date, Time, And Location Of The Wedding And The Reception.

Let The Videographer Know About Any Restrictions That Are Related To Videographers At The Wedding And Reception Hall.

Let The Videographer Know The Order Of The Ceremony And Reception Order.

Specify An Arrival And Departure Time.

Pay Your Balance Due.



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