Wedding Invitations Checklist

The Invitations

Set The Date Of The Wedding And The Reception

Decide If Your Wedding Will Be Formal Or Informal

Determine How Many Guest To Invite

Will Your Invitations Be Engraved, Printed Or Done On Your Computer

Select Your Invitations And Announcements

Order Your Invitations 6 To 9 Months Before The Wedding Day

Order 25 Extra Invitations (Just In Case You Need Them)

Mail Your Formal Invitations 6 To 8 Weeks Before The Wedding Day

Mail Your Informal Invitations 2 Weeks Before The Wedding Day

List Your Guest Names

List The Children Names On The Invitations If They Are Invited

People Over 18 Years Old Should Receive Their Own Invitations

The Invitations Should Be Written In Blue Or Black Ink.  Both The Envelopes Should Be Written In The Same Ink With The Same Hand Writing.



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