12 Month Wedding
Countdown Checklist

Nine to Twelve Months Before The Wedding

Announce your engagement.

Locate and buy the engagement rings

Hire A wedding planner / Consultant (optional)

Set a wedding budget.

Set a wedding date and time.

Decide on a date.

Determine the type of wedding you want.

Research reception hall locations.

Select and book your reception location.

Find a caterer if it is not provided by the reception hall.

Locate a ceremony site.

Select and book your ceremony site.

Determine who will officiate; at your ceremony.

Determine how many guests to invite.

Set up hotel arrangements for out of town guest.

Set up the music for your wedding and reception.

Decide who will be in your bridal party.

Start looking for wedding dress.

Start looking for formal wear/tuxedo.

Start looking for bridesmaids' dresses.

Start looking for formal wear for the groomsmen.

Find a photographer and set up an appointment to look at their work.

Find a videographer and set up an appointment to look at their work.

Find a florists and set appointments to look at their work.

Set up contracts from all the professionals you choose.

Set up a bridal registry.

Visit bridal shows; look at magazines, bridal guides and the internet to help you come up with ideas for your wedding, your wedding planner / Consultant can also help.

Six to Nine Months Before The Wedding

Start coming up with your guest list, have your family and friends help you with this task.

Select the attendants for your wedding party.

Purchase your wedding dress.

Purchase your groom's tuxedo or set up arrangements for the rental of it.

Check with the bridesmaids to make sure they have purchased their dresses.

Arrange for the groomsmen to purchase or set up arrangements for the rental of their tuxedos.

Shop for the accessories.

Start planning for your honeymoon.


Choose a photographer.

Choose a videographer.

Choose a florist.

Choose and order A wedding cake.

Arrange the Rehearsal dinner.

Arrange for transportation.

Four to Six Months Before The Wedding

Check requirements for blood test and marriage license in your state.

Shop and select wedding rings.

If you are renting equipment, reserve it, this includes arches, floral items etc.

Select your invitations and announcements, and then order them.

Select your thank you notes and stationery, and then order them.

Order all the men's attire.

Decide where to live after the wedding.

Finalize your guest lists.

Send your engagement announcement to the newspaper and or other media.

Inform mothers to select their dresses.

Finalize honeymoon details and youÂ’re your reservations.

Finalize honeymoon travel details.

Two to Four Months Before The Wedding

Confirm the details with the caterer.

Prepare maps and directions for the ceremony and reception.

Select wedding rings and have sized.

Select a wedding guest book.

Set the dates and times with the officiant for the rehearsal.

Set up the bridesmaids' luncheon.

Determine your design and printing of the invitations.

Finalize the florist photographer.

Finalize the videographer.

Finalize the florist.

Finalize accommodations for out of town guest.

Plan a rehearsal dinner.

Confirm the wedding cake details.

Six to Eight Weeks Before The Wedding

Mail invitations.

Prepare a portrait for the newspaper or local media.

Set appointment for your formal bridal portrait.

Select gifts for your attendants.

Set appointments with your hairdressers and makeup artists.

Finalize the transportation.

Four to Six Weeks Before The Wedding

Decide your menu for the reception or finalize it with cater or reception hall.

Buy a gift for the groom.

Schedule a final fitting for your wedding dress.

Purchase an out fit to wear when leaving the reception hall.

Pick up your wedding rings.

Purchase all wedding accessories.

Confirm photographer details and arrival.

Confirm videographer details and arrival.

Confirm florist details and delivery times.

Plan the seating for the reception.

Start preparing placement cards.

Make sure all bridesmaidsÂ’ attire has been fitted.

Buy a gift for the bride.

Choose the music for your ceremony and the reception.

Two Weeks Before The Wedding

Make arrangements to have your wedding gifts move to your home.

Handle business and legal details; which includes, name changes, address changes for bills etc.

Prepare the wedding announcement for the newspaper and other media.

Reconfirm your out of town guests' hotel accommodations.

Make sure all clothing and accessories for you and the bridal party are ready.

Obtain your marriage license and any blood tests which may be needed.

One Week Before The Wedding

Review any seating details with the ushers and reception hall.

Make sure all wedding attire fits comfortably for all of the attendants.

Finalize the seating arrangements for the reception hall.

Reconfirm your honeymoon reservations and tickets.

Pack for your honeymoon.

Call any guests who have not responded.

Finalize the place cards for the reception.

Review all the final details with your photographer.

Review all the final details with your videographer.

Review all the final details with your florist.

Review all the final details with your baker.

Give a final count to the caterer.

Remind wedding party of the exact time and date.

Delegate responsibilities to reliable individuals to help on your wedding day or your planner will do this task.

Wrap the wedding party gifts.

Finalize your rehearsal dinner arrangements.

One Day Before The Wedding

Get a manicure or massage.

Visit your family the night before and get to sleep early.

Attend wedding rehearsal and Dinner.


The Wedding Day

The best man and maid of honor need to sign the wedding certificate.

Allow plenty of time to get dressed.

Eat properly.

Take it easy.

Go to your hairdresser and makeup appointments.

Enjoy your wedding!


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