Finding The Perfect Music For Wedding Receptions

Finding The Perfect Music For Wedding Receptions




Those who are tasked with planning a wedding for themselves, a friend or family member face many challenges, from finding the perfect wedding cake to choosing the perfect reception hall. 


One of the most difficult challenges however is finding the perfect music for wedding receptions.  The music can make or break any wedding reception, and it is important to give this aspect of wedding planning the care and consideration it deserves.


Choosing The Type Of Entertainment


There are of course plenty of choices when it comes to choosing music for wedding receptions. 


From recorded music and DJ’s to the excitement of a live band there are many ways to provide the music for wedding receptions that will make the celebration special and memorable. 


It is important for wedding planners to consider a host of factors before making a final decision.


The Style Of Music


One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right music for wedding receptions is of course the taste of the bride and groom. 


Each couple will have their own favorite style of music as well as their own favorite bands and favorite songs.  Honoring their preferences when choosing the perfect wedding reception music is a very important idea.


Understanding The Makeup Of The Guests


The makeup of the wedding guests is another important consideration when it comes to choosing music for wedding receptions. 


A guest list made up of young people will of course demand a different musical style and sensibility than a reception hall full of older couples and their families.  It is a good idea to turn to the bride and groom’s family for guidance before choosing the music for wedding receptions.


Make Sure The Band or DJ Is Up To The Task


Another important consideration is whether to choose the fun of a live band or the predictability of a DJ to provide music for wedding receptions. 


There are many fine DJ’s in the wedding business, as well as many great wedding bands, but no matter what the choice it is important to carefully interview the prospective entertainment. 


Be sure to ask for references, as well as perhaps a tape of past performances.  Knowing that the band or DJ is up to the task is an essential part of planning the perfect music for wedding receptions.



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