Homemade Wedding Invitations

Do It Yourself

In recent years homemade wedding invitations have become much more affordable and much more professional.

The introduction of the inexpensive personal computer, great design and layout software, and cheap high quality printers has made making your own homemade invitations a real snap.

A Bit Of Creativity And A Bit Of Work

With a little creativity and a little bit of work, you can have homemade wedding invitations that look like they were created in the finest print shop.

A Computer And A Printer Can Help

When designing homemade invitations, all you will need is a computer, some design and possibly photo editing software, and of course a good high quality printer. Your local office supply store will have the special paper you will need to create your own special homemade wedding invitations.

The paper will generally be in the form of a pre-folded card that is simply fed into the printer like a sheet of paper. As each sheet goes into the printer, great homemade wedding invitations come out, ready for mailing to your honored guests.

Couples have many reasons for creating their own homemade invitations. Many couples enjoy the challenge of designing and creating their special homemade wedding invitations.


Homemade Wedding Invitations Can Give You TheControl On The Exact Style You Want

Doing your own wedding invitations gives you a level of control and flexibility that is impossible to achieve when having the invitations done by a printer. No matter what types of clip art, photographs, fonts or text you want, they can be included in your homemade wedding invitations.

One of the best advantages of homemade invitations is that it is easy to make revisions. Unlike the local printer where you may be locked in once the proof has been approved, if you decide to change a font or include a new picture, all you have to do is reprint your homemade wedding invitations.

Control and flexibility are two of the biggest advantages of homemade invitations.

Homemade invitations also let your wedding guests know how much you care about them and their attendance at your wedding.

Homemade Wedding Invitations AreMore Personal

Homemade invitations are far more personal than those picked out of a book at the local printer. In addition, homemade wedding invitations can include all sorts of personal touches, such as photos of the happy couple, verses or poems, or anything else the couple finds special.

Homemade invitations are the perfect way for any couple to express their individuality and personal style.

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