Discount Wedding Flowers

Discount Wedding Flowers

winnie the pooh baby showerThe right discount wedding flowers can make your wedding day extra special.

Along with the perfect wedding gown, the perfect wedding ring and the most beautiful bridesmaid gowns, the wedding flowers you choose can set a scene of elegance and make any space seem magical.

Your Budget For Your Wedding Flowers

Even if your budget for wedding flowers is somewhat limited, you need not sacrifice this important part of your wedding. Discount wedding flowers do not mean cheap and tawdry wedding flowers. Talk things over with your florist or wedding planner.

Explain the budget you have to work with. By starting off with a realistic budget, you can find discount flowers that fit in just right with the colors and themes of your wedding day. 

Give Your Florist Enough Time To Prepare Your Discount Wedding Flowers

Whether you use discount wedding flowers or not, however, it is vital that you plan early to make sure the wedding flowers you want are available for your big day.

Most wedding planners and wedding florists will need at least a three month lead time to produce the wedding flowers you need. Remember that the florist you choose likely has many other weddings to handle.

If your wedding is being held in the busy season, usually in the summer, or on a busy holiday weekend, you will need to give even more notice to the wedding florist. It is not unusual to plan six months or even a year ahead to get the perfect wedding flowers.

Also, if you need any special props, wedding flower stands, vases, trellises, etc., you will need to let the wedding planner or florist know as soon as possible. These types of items often take longer to get than do the traditional and discount flowers.

Planning well in advance will help make sure you don’t have any of that last minute stress of waiting for your promised wedding flowers to arrive.

Choosing The Right Wedding Florist

Choosing the right wedding florist is important for anyone planning their wedding day, but it is especially important for discount wedding flowers. As you already know, discount flowers do not have to look like discount wedding flowers.

In the hands of an expert wedding florist, your limited budget can stretch and produce a truly spectacular floral display for your wedding. Your wedding guests will never know that they are seeing discount wedding flowers.

One secret of using discount wedding flowers is to use the same floral displays at both the church or wedding chapel and at the reception. With the addition of some clever wedding flower stands or beautiful cut class vases, the bride’s bouquet can be transformed into a stunning floral centerpiece for the head table.

Likewise, the bouquets the bridesmaids held at the wedding can become beautiful floral centerpieces in their own right. The wedding flowers that graced the altar at the church can now grace the buffet table or flank the wedding cake.

These are the types of secrets that can stretch your wedding flower budget and make your discount wedding flowers the star of your wedding.

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