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Finding a great quality discount wedding dress is one great way to save lots of money on the wedding and leave more money for the honeymoon and your new life together.

Many wedding dresses cost thousands of dollars, but putting all that money into a dress that is worn only one time simply does not make sense for many people.

Instead, use some creativity and planning to find a discount dress you can be proud to wear.

The term discount dress may bring to mind images of cheap materials and unrefined styles, but such is not the case. A discount dress can be beautiful, elegant and look like it cost many thousands of dollars.

As a matter of fact, many wedding dress designers will sell a sample as a discount dress. This discount wedding dress may be the same style of dress that they normally sell for many thousands of dollars.

There are often lists of these design sample sales listed in bridal magazines and on the internet.

Research, Perseverance And Patience

As you can see, finding a beautiful discount dress will take some research, some perseverance and some patience, but we think finding a discount dress is worth the work.

After all, starting a new life together as husband and wife expensive enough, and saving money on the wedding by using a discount dress can be a big help.

The Internet Is A Great Source

It is also possible to find a great discount dress on the internet. There are literally hundreds of web sites devoted to all aspects of wedding planning, and these places can help you find an excellent discount dress for the big day.

The options for finding a great discount dress run the gamut from discontinued styles by top designers, to a discount wedding dress that was purchased but never worn, to a discount dress that was worn once and then sold online.

Be creative and don’t overlook any sources when looking for a discount wedding dress.

Local Wedding Shops

There are many places in the brick and mortar world to find a discount wedding dress as well.

There are many consignment boutiques, and these special stores can be a great source of a discount dress. Even if there are no wedding dresses in stock, you may want to talk to the owner of the store.

Perhaps he or she can call you and give you first dibs on the next discount wedding dress to come through the door.

The dresses available at these types of consignment stores are often by the top designers, and this is a great way to get a discount dress that looks like it cost many thousands of dollars.

Locating A Discount Wedding Dress Is Easier Then You Think

Locating a discount dress for your wedding is easier then you think.  And it can look just as nice as one that cost a lot more.

Picking the best discount dress for your wedding day can be done in know time at all. If your wedding budget is low or you simply do not wish to pay a lot of money for your discount wedding dress, you are in luck.

Discount Wedding Dress Budget Under $200.00

If your budget is around $100.00 to $200.00, you can go to a wedding outlet store. Or you can visit JCPennys outlet wedding department in their outlet store and find a nice amount of discount wedding dresses to choose from for your wedding.

JCPenneys usually carry discount dresses that were not sold in their regular department store at the outlet store for a substantially cheap price.

These discount wedding dresses are brand new.  They are just not the most up to date style.  But who cares. Most people don't know the difference anyway.

Discount Wedding Dress Budget Under $100.00

If your budget is under $100.00. David's Bridal have an annual wedding dress sale.  And they usually have discount wedding dresses for $99.00.

Discount Wedding Dress Budget Under $50.00

You can go to a thrift store.  They sometimes have used discount wedding dresses for as low as $25.00.

The only catch is you will probably need to take it straight to the dry cleaners to have it cleaned. 

But for that price, who cares. 


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