Cookie Wedding Favors

Cookie wedding favors can be tailored to fit almost any wedding ceremony, from the simplest to the most formal and elegant.

No matter what the season, or what kind of wedding it is hard to beat the charm and mass appeal of cookie favors.

And you can be sure that all your guests will enjoy their cookie favors – after all just about everyone loves a good cookie.

Make Them Yourself

Another thing that makes cookie favors so appealing is that they are easy and inexpensive to create.

Creating unique wedding favors can be as easy as baking dozens of your favorite cookies and filling mugs, bowls or baskets with those glasses.

Many couples will also include a special recipe card, so that their guests may recreate their cookie favors at home.

Bakeries And Specialty Shops

Of course there are also plenty of bakeries and specialty food stores that will be happy to custom create wedding favors just for you. Using these gourmet cookie favors is a great way to appeal to the taste and style of your guests.

The Internet Provides Great Places To Shop

It is even possible to order some great wedding favors over the internet.

The internet provides some great places to shop, and there are some great web sites where couples can order custom designed cookie favors for their special day. Find details about unique cookie wedding favors and bridal shower favors.

Start Planning Early

No matter where you plan to get your cookie wedding favors, it is important to start planning early.

If you plan to make your own cookie wedding favors, be sure to buy enough baskets, bowls, mugs or glasses for all your guests. You might also want to buy ribbon, bows and dried flowers to decorate those cookie wedding favors.

If you will be buying cookie favors already made, be sure to find out how long the bakery will need to create those wedding favors.

Bakers, particularly those catering to weddings, are often very busy, so it is important to order those cookie favors as early as possible.


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