Creating Your Own Cookie Cutter Wedding Favors

These cookie cutter wedding favors can be a great expression of your creativity and that of your new spouse. And your wedding guests will appreciate the gesture inherent in your choice of wedding cookie cutter favors.

One of the best ways to thank your wedding guests while expressing more traditional values is to use cookie cutter wedding favors.

As weddings get more and more elaborate and expensive, many people yearn to get back to the days when weddings were simpler.

Where To Find Wedding Cookie Cutter Favors?

There are many ways that wedding cookie cutter favors can fit into your overall wedding celebration, and there are many places to find such cookie cutter wedding favors as well.

A number of bridal magazines and wedding planning guides have advertisements and articles about wedding cookie cutter favors, and some great ideas for where to buy such cookie cutter wedding favors.

In addition, there are some great web sites on the internet that sell wedding cookie cutter favors, including some special wedding related cookie cutters to make them even more special.

Customizing The Wedding Cookie Cutter Favors

Wedding cookie cutter favors are great because they can be customized for any wedding. One of the most popular ways to use cookie cutter wedding favors is to take a jar of cookie dough mix.

Fill the jar with the sugar, flour and other dry ingredients needed to make the cookies, attach your favorite recipe to the outside of the jar, and decorate the jar with some of your favorite cookie cutters.

For only a few dollars, you have some lovely wedding cookie cutter favors.

Find details about cookie cutter wedding favors and bridal shower favors.

Other Great Things About Wedding Cookie Cutter Favors

Another great thing about these wedding cookie cutter favors is that the materials used to make them are inexpensive, and most of them can be bought locally.

Most grocery stores sell bell jars, and the cookie recipes can easily be printed off your own computer printer and easily fixed or otherwise attached to the jars.

And of course the cookie cutters themselves are easy to find as well. This makes wedding cookie cutter favors among the easiest to assemble, even for the busiest bride to be.

And cookie cutter favors are a perennial favorite among all kinds of wedding guests. After all, everyone likes wedding cookie cutter favors, and every time your guests bake a batch of cookies, they will think of you and your wonderful wedding day.


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