Enjoy the Simple Beauty of a Civil Wedding Ceremony

Enjoy the Simple Beauty of a Civil Wedding Ceremony


While many people still dream of the huge church wedding with half the town attending, more and more brides and grooms are opting for the simplicity and beauty of a civil wedding ceremony. 


Holding a civil wedding ceremony does not mean giving up romance and magic, and a well planned civil wedding ceremony can be just as memorable and unique as an elaborate (and expensive) church wedding.


Why Opt For A Civil wedding


The reasons couples opt for a civil wedding ceremony are as varied as the couples themselves, and every couple will have their own ideas about what constitutes the perfect civil wedding ceremony. 


Some couples simply prefer to hold a civil wedding ceremony in order to save money, and this approach certainly makes a lot of sense. 


With the typical wedding today costing many thousands of dollars, many couples feel that the money would be better spent in building a financially secure life together. 


The money saved can be significant enough to provide a down payment on a new home, some great furniture, and even a dream honeymoon.


Simplicity Can Be The Key


Others prefer the simplicity of a civil wedding ceremony as a matter of moral choice, opting for a simple show of their love and commitment over an elaborate show. 


In addition, many brides and grooms do not share a single religious tradition, and this can make a church wedding difficult.  One set of parents may long for a Catholic wedding ceremony, while the other parents prefer a simple Protestant ceremony. 


Holding a civil wedding ceremony instead helps to avoid potential conflicts and get the relationship off to a great start.


Imagination And Advance Planning


No matter what the reasons, a civil wedding ceremony can still be a memorable and beautiful occasion.  All that is needed to create a wonderful civil wedding ceremony is a little bit of imagination and some advance planning. 


From writing their own vows to inviting a carefully selected assortment of family members and friends, there are many things couples can do to make their civil wedding ceremony the wedding of their dreams. 


Holding a civil wedding ceremony does not have to be a sacrifice.  In fact a well planned civil wedding ceremony can be as beautiful and special as the most costly country club wedding in town. 


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