Making Your Own CD Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have also been transformed by technology, and today cd wedding favors are among the most popular with all kinds of wedding guests.

The power of technology has certainly transformed planning a wedding, from renting the reception hall to finding the perfect bridal gown.

It is easy to see why wedding cd favors are such a big hit. After all, just about everyone these days either has their own computer or has access to one where they work or go to school. And cd wedding favors can be a wonderful keepsake of a special day.

There Are Many Ways To Use CD Wedding Favors

There are many ways to use wedding cd avors, of course. The beauty of wedding cd favors is that they can hold pictures, songs, images and more.

It is therefore possible to create a true multimedia keepsake of your courtship and marriage, and share it with family members and friends through the user of cd wedding favors.

In addition, the many software packages and cd labeling packages on the market today mean that your homemade wedding cd favors can look just as good as those that are professionally done.

As a matter of fact, wedding cd favors are among the least expensive, most original and most unique wedding favors there are. The blank cd’s are very inexpensive, and the labels can be done on your own printer.

Making A Truly Memorable CD

Therefore, for only a couple of dollars apiece, it is possible to make some truly memorable wedding cd favors to share with those closest to you.

And what you choose to put on your wedding cd favors is entirely up to you. Many couples like to put a couple of their favorite pictures, both professional portraits and candid snapshots, on their wedding cd favors.

Find details about cd wedding favors and bridal shower favors.

Adding Songs And Pictures

In addition, many couples will put a few special songs on those wedding cd favors.

Adding music, such as the couple’s special dance song, or their favorite song, as well as the wedding theme, is a great way to allow the guests to use the wedding cd favors to relive the magic of the wedding.

And of course the wedding guests can choose to use their wedding cd favors however they see fit.

Some people may want to have prints made from a few of their favorite photographs, while others will want to copy a song or two to their computer or personal listening device.

Cd wedding favors make all this, and much more, possible.

Make sure the music and pictures you use are not copy protected.



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