Casual Wedding Dress

Picking your wedding

From the most formal to the most casual wedding dress. There are many different kinds of weddings, and many different kinds of wedding dresses, 

The type of wedding dress that is right for you, of course, will be determined by the type of wedding you plan.

A casual dress would obviously not be right for a formal wedding at the best country club in town, just as a formal wedding gown would look out of place at a casual backyard wedding.

Casual Weddings Are Becoming Popular

These days, casual weddings are becoming increasingly popular, with many brides choosing to celebrate their special day in a casual dress in a casual environment among a few close family members and friends.

Just because the bride to be chooses a casual dress, however, does not mean that care does not need to be exercised in shopping for that casual wedding dress.

In many ways, choosing a wedding dress is done in the same way as shopping for a more formal wedding dress.

Places To Start Your Search

There are many places to start the search for a casual wedding dress, including local bridal shops, specialty dress makers, and even local dress outlets.

Even though a casual dress will probably be less expensive than a formal gown, it is still important that the dress be fitted properly, altered well and suited to both the bride’s taste and the casualness or formality of the occasion.

The Wedding Dress Should Fit The Theme

When planning a wedding which incorporates casual elements like a casual dress, it is important to notate the casual theme of the wedding on the invitations.

It is always a good idea to indicate the desired dress for the wedding guests when sending the invitations, and this is doubly true when the bride will be wearing a casual wedding dress.

Even though the bride may be wearing a casual dress, and the bridesmaids may be wearing casual dresses as well, that casual wedding dress can be just as stunning and beautiful as the finest formal wedding gown.

If the casual wedding dress is altered attractively and fitted properly, that casual wedding dress can make the bride look her best, whether the wedding takes place in a spectacular church or in her parents’ back yard.

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