Selecting The Perfect Butterfly Wedding Theme

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The butterfly wedding theme has been one of the most popular in recent years, and it is easy to understand.

After all, the butterfly wedding theme lends itself very well to creating unique wedding invitations, wedding shower invitations, and even wedding cakes.

Releasing Live Butterflies

What’s more is that many brides like to incorporate live butterflies into their butterfly wedding theme, releasing those butterflies instead of the more traditional throwing of rice.

The appearance of hundreds of beautiful butterflies in front of the church is one of the things that has made the butterfly wedding theme such a stunning addition to the wedding planning world.

Your Butterfly Wedding Can Be As Simple Or Elaborate As You Wish

Another great thing about the butterfly wedding theme is that it can be made as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

For those brides and grooms who prefer a simple ceremony, choosing a butterfly wedding theme can be as simple as sending out wedding invitations festooned with butterflies, or choosing wedding shower favors with a butterfly theme.

Those with bigger ideas may want to add additional items to their butterfly wedding theme.

For instance, the wedding cake could be designed in the form of a butterfly, and the aforementioned live butterflies could be used to add style and elegance to the ceremony.

Write Down Your List Of Butterfly Wedding Must Haves

When choosing the butterfly wedding theme that best meets your needs, it is a good idea to write down everything that you want to reflect the butterfly wedding theme.

For instance, consider things like the flowers and vases, the wedding invitations, the party favors, etc. Writing down your list of butterfly wedding theme must haves will help you ensure that nothing is missed in all the excitement of planning a butterfly wedding theme.

Order Early To Ensure That Everything You Need Will Be Ready In Plenty Of Time

After you have created your list of butterfly wedding theme items, it is important to start ordering those items as early as possible.

That is because the most popular butterfly wedding theme elements will be popular not just with you but with other wedding planners as well.

Ordering your butterfly wedding theme in plenty of time will help to ensure that everything you need will be ready in plenty of time for your big day.

Butterfly Wedding Cake

Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Butterfly Wedding Favors

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