Bridal Beauty Checklist


Creating your very own bridal beauty checklist is very important to a successful wedding.

Planning a wedding can be difficult, and it is hard to overstate the importance of being organized.

Creating checklists for all the important parts of planning your wedding is a smart strategy, and one of the most important checklists is the bridal beauty checklist.

Creating a bridal beauty checklist is very important, especially If you plan to try out a new hairstyle, new makeup or new accessories for your wedding.

Do A Dry Run

It is always best to do a dry run, and a bridal beauty checklist will help you try out each aspect of your new look before you try it for real on the big day.

What To Add to Your Beauty Checklist?

What you put on your bridal beauty checklist is entirely up to you. There will be some obvious elements to any bridal beauty checklist, including hair styling, manicure, pedicure, makeup and accessories.

You may have some additional items to add to your own bridal beauty checklist, so it is important to plan ahead.

Sample Checklist

Finding a sample bridal beauty checklist should be relatively easy. The many wedding planning guides, both in the book store and on the internet, may contain several styles of bridal beauty checklist.

Customizing It To Fit Your Needs

It is best to find a sample bridal beauty checklist that includes most of the items you want to use, and then customizing it for your own needs.

It is best to start with a bridal beauty checklist that includes more elements than you need, since it will be easier to cross items off your bridal beauty checklist than to add additional elements.

Plan Your Checklist Far In Advanced

No matter what type of bridal beauty checklist you use, it is a good idea to plan as far in advance as possible.

Things like getting an appointment at your favorite hair salon, getting a manicure from your favorite nail technician and other elements of the bridal beauty checklist will take some time, and it is far better to have too much time than not enough.

For a printable copy of Bridal Beauty Checklist click here.

Bridal Beauty Checklist

Two Months Before The Wedding

Get a pre-wedding consultation.

Get a facial treatment every 4 weeks.


Enhance and strengthen your nails with a manicure every two weeks.

One Month Before The Wedding

Continue your nail manicure every two weeks.


Practice and experiment with different hair styles on your own or with a hair stylist.

Decide on a hairstyle and do a trial run with hairpiece on your own or with a hair stylist.

Set a final hair style appointment.

Have a make-up lesson or practice on your own.

Purchase all make-up that you will need .


Have done a facial for bride.

Have done a facial for the attendants.

Haircuts for groom and the attendants.

Get a pedicure.

Get a waxing.

Two Months Before The Wedding

Get a manicure for the bride.

Get a manicure for the groom.

Get a massage for the bride.

Get a massage for the groom.

The Wedding Day


Allow plenty of time to get dressed.

Eat properly.

Take it easy.

Go to your hairdresser and make up appointments.

Enjoy your wedding day.


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