Bridal Attire Checklist

At first blush it may seem that creating a bridal attire checklist; you may think that after you’ve got the dress and the shoes you don’t need a bridal attire checklist.

However, on closer examination, there may be a great many things you need for your bridal attire checklist.

For instance, all those little accessories that make a bride so beautiful should be detailed on your bridal attire checklist.

Things like that special brooch, your mother’s favorite pin, or that other family heirloom jewelry definitely have a place on your bridal attire checklist. After all, you would not want to forget your favorite things on the most important day of your life.

Creating And Using A Bridal Attire Checklist

Creating and using a bridal attire checklist has many other uses as well, including keeping yourself more organized.

Checklists are a great way to keep better control of any event, and since there are so many different things that must be planned for a successful wedding, creating a bridal attire checklist just makes good sense.

Places To Get Help With Preparing Your Checklist

If you are unsure of how to create a bridal attire checklist, or if you need some guidance, there is plenty of help available, both online and off.

The many wedding planning guides that populate the local bookstore probably contain a bridal attire checklist or two.

In addition, the many online wedding planning resources probably include at least one bridal attire checklist.

Customize It To Fit Your Taste

Once you have found a sample bridal attire checklist, however, it is important to customize it for your own wedding. After all, not everything listed on the sample bridal attire checklist will be applicable to your own wedding.

Likewise, there may be some very important, items such as special pieces of jewelry or other accessories, that are not listed on the bridal attire checklist that you may want to include in yours.

Create Your Checklist As Early As Possible

As with any aspect of planning a successful wedding, it is important to create your bridal attire checklist as early as possible, and to check each item off as it is received.

Be sure not to check items off your bridal attire checklist until they are completely finished, however. For instance, your bridesmaid gowns and wedding dresses should remain on the bridal attire checklist until the final fitting has been completed.

For A printable copy of the Bridal Attire Checklist click here.

Bridal Attire Checklist

Determine if this is a formal wedding or not.

Select your bridal gown.


Obtain your hoop petticoat (if required).

Select your veil/headpiece/tiara.

Select your shoes.

Select your stockings.

Select your garter.

Select your lingerie.

Select your bra.


Select your gloves.

Select your attendant’s dresses.

Select your flower girls dresses.

Mothers select their dresses (first the brides then the grooms)

Select your attendant’s accessories and shoes (get the shoes dyed if required).

Select your flower girls accessories and shoes.

Mothers select their accessories and shoes.

Schedule your fitting and alterations for your wedding dress.

Schedule the fitting and alterations for your attendants dress.

Arrange pickup for your wedding dress.

Arrange for the attendants to pickup their dress.

Arrange for the flower dress to be picked up.

Select your going away outfit.

Select your jewelry.

Select your handbag.

Select something old.

Select something new.

Select something borrowed.

Select something blue.

Arrange to have someone take your dress to the dry cleaners after the wedding.


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