Antique Wedding Dress


One of the most unique and stylish accent to any wedding is a vintage or antique wedding dress.

When it comes to the perfect wedding dress, there are as many choices as there are brides.

Choosing A Wedding Dress

There are many different reasons why a bride may choose to go with an antique dress.

In some cases the wedding antique dress may be a family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation.

In other cases, an antique dress may simply be a special and unique accent for the big day.

Places To Buy An Antiques Wedding Dress

If you are not lucky enough to be the recipient of a family heirloom wedding antique dress, there are many places to buy an antique dress and start a family tradition of your own.

There are a great many vintage clothing stores around today, and these can often be a great place to buy a truly unique antique dress at a great price.

Local Antique Stores Or Flea Markets

In addition, a local antique store or flea market can also be a great place to find an wedding antique dress. Since an antique dress is a one of a kind item, it may take a little longer to find just the right one.

It will probably be necessary to do a lot more shopping around for an wedding antique dress than it would take to simply choose one off the shelf at the local wedding outfitter.

Most brides, however, find that the time spent shopping for the perfect antique wedding dress is well worth the effort.

It Can Be A Cherished Family Keepsake

The great thing about including an antique wedding dress in your wedding is that it can be enjoyed not just on your special day but for years to come as a valuable family heirloom.

Many mothers like to pass their special antique wedding dress down to their daughters and granddaughters. This can make the antique wedding dress a cherished family keepsake as well as a beautiful dress.

Storing And Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Of course, if you are planning to keep your antique wedding dress as a family heirloom, care must be taken to keep it in excellent condition.

Proper storage is a must, and your local dress maker or antiques dealer can provide valuable information on the best way to store and preserve your antique wedding dress so that your daughter and granddaughter will be proud to where it many decades from now.

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