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Wedding Plan

Planning your wedding plan for your wedding day is one of the most exciting things that will ever happen to you.

As you plan your wedding, you will embark on a joyful, life altering event. Your wedding is a fantastic adventure at which you will make large and small decisions to create a one of a kind wedding tailored to your every want and need, delighting your guest totally.

Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding plan will guide you to organize all of the steps and decisions you will make as you plan your ideal wedding. 

A good wedding plan deletes the stress of last minute work and helps you finance your wedding wisely, therefore, ensuring that the last days before your wedding are as trouble free as possible. 

A good wedding plan also enables you to obtain the location and all of the services you want, like a nice wedding site, caterers, photographer, video services and so on...


Making Sure Your Wedding Day Will Be Perfect

The purpose of you planning your wedding is to make sure that your wedding day will be perfect.

The act of planning your wedding will help you so that you don't forget the little things. 

Planning your wedding starts as soon as you agree that you want to get married.

You have to start planning the engagement announcements.

You have to start planning the wedding day events.

You have to rent the reception hall. You have to rent the limo and so on.

 A Note to the Bride

 A Note to the Groom

You have dreamed about your wedding day your whole life...

It is time to start planning your special day...

When he asked you the big question ("Will you marry me?") and you answered the big answer ("Yes!").

It is time to start Planning your wedding...

It is time to find the perfect wedding dress...

It is time to get the wedding over with, so that you can start the honeymoon...

Now you are engaged, you must plan your perfect wedding...

From the engagement to your honeymoon we will guide you on your new journey...


After you have taken as long as you can to come up with guts to ask your long time love the big question.

You are nervous...

You are Ready to get Started...

You are ready for the honeymoon to start...

7 Reports that can help you plan the perfect wedding...

Wedding Plan Tools

Engagement Etiquette Rules
Engagement Etiquette Rule After you are engaged, the first thing the groom to be should do is to contact the brides father (step father, mother or whom ever has that role in the brides life).

Engagement Party Planning
Engagement Party Planning is what you will need to do so that you don't forget anything that is related to your engagement party.

Engagement Party Etiquette
Engagement Party Etiquette is the things you need to plan for your engagement party. You should plan your engagement party for the announcement of your engagement or soon after it.

Engagement Party Games
Engagement party games are the games you can play at your engagement party.

Engagement Party Idea
Engagement Party Idea... The first type of engagement party is the type where you actually announce your engagement

Wedding Ring
A wedding ring is a ring that that you will use in your wedding.

Locating Your Wedding Cake
Locating your wedding cake for your wedding. When you are trying to locate a place for you to purchase your wedding cake for your wedding day.

Wedding Cake Idea
Picking the exact wedding cake idea that you want for your wedding is a choice that both of you can make together.

Recipe Wedding Cake
The fun part about baking your Recipe Wedding Cake is that when it is finished it will be uniquely yours.

Wedding Invitations
When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding invitations for your wedding. It is a good idea for you to choose the type of wedding invitations that fits you and your fianc├ęs personality types.

Making Wedding Invitations
Making wedding invitations for your wedding day is an interesting idea. You need to make sure you take enough time to get them done in time to mail your wedding invitations out to your guest.

Wedding Invitation Samples
The traditional wedding invitation samples and the non traditional wedding invitation samples.

Wedding Dress
Picking a wedding dress can be very rewarding because when you try it on you can visualize yourself walking down the aisle on your wedding day with your wedding dress on.

Discount Wedding Dress
Locating a discount wedding dress for your wedding is easier then you think. And it can look just as nice as one that cost a lot more.

Wedding Favor
A wedding favor is the gift or favor that you give the guest at the wedding. This favor is to thank them for attending the wedding.


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